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New America Dream

So bye, bye, Miss American Pie, Drove my Chevy to the levee But the levee was dry. Them good old boys was drinkin’ whiskeyand rye Singin’ ‘This’ll be the day that I die.’

-McLean, Don
‘American Pie’.

This is my Chevy product shot. I have a fond place in my heart for Chevy’s as I’ve owned a couple, but some how General Motors lost there way in the 60’s and I hope this new 2010 SS is as as it looks? Watch the video and you decide, I wondered if putting you name on your calibers makes a better engineered product, or something that Ferrari does so copy the idea.

A Video that shows the Camaro in action.

Here’s a link to a gallery of  photos of some of my early cars that I owned.  The photos are on Flickr which the owners  have graciously shared, enjoy. “Cars that owned and loved”

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