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Swann Memorial Fountains at Night

I love night  photography,  I shot these last night on 9-11-2010 in Philadelphia at . There is some  thing about late at night which is magical, they shut the founations down at midnight.

Close up.

Remember to click on the images for a larger view.

The   Fountain (also known as theFountain of the Three Rivers) is a located in the center of  Logan Circle in  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania,United States.

The fountain, by Alexander Stirling Calder designed with architect  Wilson Eyre, memorializes Dr. Wilson Cary Swann, founder of the Philadelphia . The Society had been planning a in honor of its late president and founder. After agreeing that the fountain would become city property, the society was granted the site in the center of Logan Circle.

fountains art” My prints of Logan Circle fountain are available on Fine Art America.

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6 thoughts on “Swann Memorial Fountains at Night

  1. Bonnie Rovere says:

    These are wonderful, Lou! I love Phillie at night, especially South Street. The people are so much fun to watch!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Lou, these Logan Circle night photo’s are awesome!!! Maybe an outing for “Meetup”. Your a great photographer!!! :)

  3. Louis Dallara says:

    I updated the images to correct the while balance and add the information about the fountains which I did’t know are called the Swann Memorial fountains. Thank for visiting and commenting.

  4. K Pennell says:

    Your pictures are fabulous! The statues look like the are carved out of Jade!!!

  5. Thanks everybody for the nice comments

  6. Col says:

    Great shots! I love the way the figures in the fountain look, like they are smooth and wet. I always though this was the Swan fountain, until I worked in Philly and then I learned it was the Swann Memorial fountain and named after a person with two n’s and not the bird. Anyway, beautiful work. :)

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