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Skydive at Crosskeys

Loading the King Air with jumpers

Turbo Prop

All socked in.

Old Barn Stormer

Loosing altitude

Rainbow sport shoot

Up close and having a Blast!

Zoomed out

Butt shot

Soft Landing

I had the pleasure of  watching some thrill seekers and one the instructors decided to give me a thrill and some great photography, I thought he was going to land right on top of me, but at the last moment to turned away, I took a deep breath after that experience.

So when am I going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?? Good Question.

These guys are real pros and have great equipment, I would jump with them anytime .I love the King twin aircraft … wow what an aircraft.


In memory of Robert Matthews who lost his life pressuring what he loved, AIRCRAFT aerobatics  at Crosskeys airport.

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2 thoughts on “Skydive at Crosskeys

  1. Rio Guzman says:

    Hey Lou! Nice pictures, and what a coincidence. I was recently considering skydiving — probably soon. Let me know when you do your first jump.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great color on these Lou! I like ‘Up close and having a blast’ and ‘Rainbow sport shoot’ the best. — Denise

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