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Sunday in Strawberry Mansion

Sunday, I was looking to photograph some urban decay in area of PA. I wanted to go back to area where I played on Sunday afternoons as a kid. My family had pick-nicks in Fairmont Park in this area. I remember this area as a kid and wondered why the people painted the houses in such wild and vivid colors. The area was soon to decay to its present state. The drug dealers don’t care for photographers and hollered obscenities at me in which I responded and took their pictures, probably not a good thing for a street photog to do but anyway, I felt compiled to respond to.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday in Strawberry Mansion

  1. Kathleen says:

    Yikes Lou, you should not get the drug dealers angry. Who knows what they have in their back pockets!!!!!! Be safe out there……. :)

  2. Koch says:

    Awesome share! Thank you very much

  3. Diane says:

    Don’t you wonder who lived there when the house was in its prime?

  4. Hi Louis, I love the picture, great colours and a nice HDR affect too. Urban decay is a great subject to shoot but like you report it comes with it’s downside too. Maybe what street photographers need is a good camera and a good pair of running shoes!  ha ha

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