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Water – Wood – Maya


Water and Rocks

For a while I though I lost my creativity, but yesterday i found it under a manhole cover, I had hidden it from myself, I was patient and knew I could find it,  finding out  there is unlimited creativity and all you have to do is find it’s secret hiding place.
Wood and Rocks
Sayantan Biswas said I was teasing him with the one image from yesterday shot, so I came up with three. I hope he enjoys these three. Be well my friend.


I saw this sunset and liked the reflection, it was just like Laurens in LBI Surf library show. I jammed on the brakes and ran back to it and knew I only had a minute to capture it. I think it’s stunning. Location was in Chatsworth, NJ

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2 thoughts on “Water – Wood – Maya

  1. This sunset is so so so awesome. You nailed it Lou!!!!!

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