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Mystical Angel Oak Tree


My favorite which I keep photographing in an attempt to improve the capture and feelings from the .
This was from a 2011 visit.The Oak supports other plants and insects, she has a complete Eco system in a symbiotic relationship with the earth.
Live oaks also share root systems so under ground she is connected to other Oak trees which is invisible to us.
It like they are holding hands under ground.
The Oak is the King of the Trees. Ancient Celts observed the oak’s massive growth and impressive expanse.
They took this as a clear sign that the oak was to be honored for its endurance, and noble presence.
Wearing oak leaves was a sign of special status among many ancient European people’s.
The oak is a tree of protection and strength.
Druids met in oak groves and ate their acorns to ingest the ancient knowledge contained in them.
Because of their expansive growth, oak trees often attract lightning strikes, which confer greater mystical power to them.

old tree photographs photos

Link to: Ram Dass “Embracing Aging within Society” http://www.ramdass.org/embracing-aging-within-society/

angel oak photograph photos

old oak tree art
angel oak photograph canvas prints

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    Natures perfect sculpture

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