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Pine and Cedar tree reflection – Lake Oswego


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I love the of the pine lands, because it makes for such great reflections.

The term “cedar water” is used in several different ways, but most generally, it refers to water of a rather unique composition found in areas such as the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. This water has a distinctive dark color and earthy scent which reminds some people of cedar, explaining the name.

Cedar water forms when water is allowed to stand in highly acidic soil with a high content. The discolors the water, and the acid deters the presence of microorganisms which might otherwise proliferate and clarify the water. Cedar water can also develop when trees with highly tannic leaves, such as oaks, neighbor a waterway and drop their leaves into the water, causing it to discolor with time. Lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams can all develop cedar water.

Here’s a of a stand of Cedar and Pine trees located at – in a 3366 acre of pine in Burlington County, New Jersey

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