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Assateague Island it’s a Land of Fun and Sun

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Assateague Island State Park

I spent the last week on Assateague Island, VA. Here’s a a few words about what you might find on this island. The island is a great place for everyone to re-connect to nature with it’s beautiful sand dunes and wild ponies.
Assateague Island wild ponies travel the beach near Chincoteague, Virginia & Ocean City, Maryland. Assateague’s south entrance is a 1/4 mile east of Chincoteague, its north entrance is eight miles from Ocean City. Chincoteague and Ocean City are gateways to Assateague Island and provide vacation lodging for outdoor recreation, nature tours to see wild ponies and more…
Assateague’s wild horses are well known, even to many people who have never been to the island. The “wild” horses on Assateague are actually feral animals, meaning that they are descendants of domestic animals that have reverted to a wild state. Horses tough enough to survive the scorching heat, abundant mosquitoes, stormy weather and poor quality food found on this remote, windswept barrier island have formed a unique wild horse society. Enjoy their beauty from a distance, and you can help make sure these extraordinary wild horses will continue to thrive on Assateague Island.

Medford Landscape in the Fall



Medford is my home base and I like the farmland feel to landscape around Medford.

The Frog taught me Patients 


Green Leaves




Strong Roots

The photograph are from a photo shoot at Smithville NJ. At took a long time to capture a wildlife photograph of a Frog. The others are the surrounding lake area.



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