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The Trail Less Traveled

The Trail Less Traveled

The human spirit needs places where Nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man so today I feel the need to get out, I seem to be suffering from cabin fever.

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The Trail less traveled

The Batona Trail is a 53.5-mile (86.1 km) hiking trail through New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. The trail is the one of the longest in the state behind the Delaware and Raritan Canal Trail, the section of the Appalachian Trail within the state, the Liberty-Water Gap Trail, and the completed section of the Highlands Trail in the state. The trail begins in Brendan T. Byrne State Forest (formerly Lebanon State Forest) at the ghost town of Ong’s Hat and traverses Franklin Parker Preserve, Wharton State Forest and Bass River State Forest.[1] The trail was built in 1961 by the Batona Hiking Club, which began informally in 1928 when Philadelphians began meeting regularly to hike.[2] It takes about three days to hike the whole trail.[3]

Golden Bogs in the Pinelands

Just another moment

Just another moment

pinelands again

pinelands again

The soft golden light of the forest gave the image that special warmth I was chasing. I was experimenting with a Nikon tilt shift lens which I liked because it created a sharper image.

Frog Pond Landscape

  • fogs-pond
  • Strange Patterns
  • Silent Cedars
  • Fallen hero
  • Purple Velvet Plains
  • Lines of Water

It was beautiful day for a hike in the Pine Lands aka Pine Barrens of New Jersey with destination of Martha Furnace on the Batona trail. Today, all that is left of Martha Furnace are the ruins of the bog iron smelting furnace that flourished from 1793-1845. The village once included the furnace, a stamping mill, blacksmith shop, sawmill, gristmill, store, school, hospital, an ironmaster’s house and about 50 additional houses. The furnace remains are buried and fenced to prevent pillaging. Lying along the Batona Trail above the Oswego River, this area is home to a great diversity of Pine Barrens flora and fauna.
Hiking with a camera makes for a much more enjoyable experience especially if it mirrorless because of the light weight. I stopped at frogs pond and listen some of locals singing a duet. I be adding more images later, so please feel free to stop back.

Darshan by Louis Dallara


Darshan is a sanskrit word that means vision or view

Dar?ana is a term meaning “auspicious sight”, vision, apparition, or glimpse. It is most commonly used for theophany, “manifestation / visions of the divine” in Hindu worship, e.g. of a deity, or a very holy person or artifact. Thank you Helmut R. Kahr for the inspiration.

Colors on Amelia Island Historic District

Colored Buildings

I love colors

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