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Spending a Day with Nature

  • rat-black-snake-4220088
  • red-tail hawk with prey
  • red tail on look out
  • serious beaver work
  • beavers at work
  • beaver dam

The day started when I sopped this beaver den and I decided to hang with the Bev and it just keep getting better.

Then there was mister red tail hawk who wasn’t camera shy and showed me his catch of the day, he sure was proud.

Lots of birds out I saw red wing blackbird, big blue heron and a snake drop by the house and wanted to move in my garage, but I had to relocated him the the Rancocass nature center where he had more food.

Spring Skunk Cabbage

  • skunk-cabbage--5
  • skunk-cabbage--4
  • skunk-cabbage--3
  • skunk-cabbage--2

After a long and well needed vacation I’m back in the beloved Pine Barrens. I will bore you with some vacation photos soon.


Life’s a Beach

beach Clouds

Blue Sky

A picture of the blue sky from the beach in St. Petersburg, Florida of the beautiful clouds.

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