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This post was inspired by Richard Lewis post http://photoimpressionism.wordpress.com/ called Abandonment which got me thinking about my on urban photos as why do I take them. My reason for make these kind of photographs is different from Rich’s in that I connect to the state of decay, which is the nature state of everything we […]

Camera DMC-LX7 Focal Length 17.7mm Aperture f/8 Exposure 1/125s ISO 250 A take on the grant woods painting of farmer and wife with pitchfork Camera DMC-LX7 Focal Length 17.7mm Aperture f/8 Exposure 1/125s ISO 250 farmer in the dell Camera DMC-LX7 Focal Length 9.8mm Aperture f/8 Exposure 1/80s ISO 200 macro art photography Camera DMC-LX7 […]

Experiments in lighting with a mysterious substance called “Goo” please search the web for more images of Goo, you never know what you might find… This substance might have underlining alien creatures in side, be careful in viewing these images. I wonder if aliens like art? Another kind of goo is Green goo which is […]

My favorite tree which I keep photographing in an attempt to improve the capture and feelings from the tree. This was from a 2011 visit.The Oak supports other plants and insects, she has a complete Eco system in a symbiotic relationship with the earth. Live oaks also share root systems so under ground she is […]

A wheel is a disc- or circle-shaped mechanical device. Its main purpose is to allow things to roll; in other words, the wheel spins, and objects on the wheels move more easily along the ground. It is a simple machine. Most experts believe the ancient Mesopotamians invented the wheel about 8000 BC. In addition, the […]

Went back to Angel Oak‘s home on St. Johns Island, SC  for a photo shoot with Jack Gescheidt of “The Tree Spirit”. i decided to see what the angel herald back in the mysterious world of infrared red light. I was really pleased and surprised with the first of a couple hundred photographs yet to be processed. For […]

My second attempt at light paint, this technique was taught to my by a photographer friend. The frog was my subject and I painted him with a flashlight covered with a pink gel. The camera was in the bulb mode so that the shutter is held open while I painted the frog with light from the flashlight. For the […]

If you watch the clouds long enough you will get a great photograph, and sometimes they become a work of art. I miss the clouds of Florida there are thunder heads there like no other anywhere. Here’s a quote from my favorite book. A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction […]

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