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The Trail Less Traveled The human spirit needs places where Nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man so today I feel the need to get out, I seem to be suffering from cabin fever. Source: Unknown The Batona Trail is a 53.5-mile (86.1 km) hiking trail through New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. The trail […]

It was beautiful day for a hike in the Pine Lands aka Pine Barrens of New Jersey with destination of Martha Furnace on the Batona trail. Today, all that is left of Martha Furnace are the ruins of the bog iron smelting furnace that flourished from 1793-1845. The village once included the furnace, a stamping […]

Dar?ana is a term meaning “auspicious sight”, vision, apparition, or glimpse. It is most commonly used for theophany, “manifestation / visions of the divine” in Hindu worship, e.g. of a deity, or a very holy person or artifact. Thank you Helmut R. Kahr for the inspiration. Like this:Like Loading…

The Story of Quaker Bridge BY JERSEYMAN · MAY 5, 2011 The story of Quaker Bridge begins with the need to cross the Batsto or Mullica River at that place in present-day Washington Township. As Leah Blackman explains, that need arose primarily among members of the Society of Friends who attended a yearly meeting at […]

Treking in the Pines lands It started with a search for some country cooking at Lucilles luncheonette in the center of the Pine Lands, Warrensgrove and then to do a trek to Pygmy Pine Plains for a Sunset photo shoot, sometimes it just feels good to be alone in the pines. Lucilles was closed, darn, but I did […]

In “The Woods From Hog Wallow,” McPhee introduces the Pine Barrens as the six hundred and fifty thousand acre, virgin forest reserve that dominates the southern half of New Jersey. The Pine Barrens region is sparsely populated at about 15 people/square mile, in contrast to New Jersey’s average population density elsewhere of 1,000 people/square mile […]

Assateague Island State Park I spent the last week on Assateague Island, VA. Here’s a a few words about what you might find on this island. The island is a great place for everyone to re-connect to nature with it’s beautiful sand dunes and wild ponies. Assateague Island wild ponies travel the beach near Chincoteague, […]

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