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  From the flight deck, purging duplicates and throw away images from the photo collection of 2009 in Adobe Lightroom 2 which now supports the dual displays. Now running two Samsung Sync Master 216Bw’s monitors with a new Nvida GeForce 9800 GT video card calibrated with a X-rite eye-one display 2 professional monitor calibrator.  The […]

I was walking in the  rain an found some interesting puddles to photograph on a rainy day. I like the reflections and rain drop rings, the rings remind me how life works, like the “ripple effect”. What was interesting is that when the images are made into a thumbnails you see something different and I’m […]

I put my tripod mittens on today, they are actually called leg covers they come in different diameters so measure your pod, you can buy them here. I know I could have used pipe insulation like I’ve done in the past,  but just liked the more stealth look especially with home land security looking at […]

I just started using the X-rite color checker and find it very useful. The advantages are, it’s small and rugged so it’s easy to have in your pocket and it comes with software that automatically creates color profiles for Photoshop elements, Camera raw and Adobe Lightroom. It’s also has a target for custom camera white […]

Very Good overview of Geotagging in digital camera world. clipped from www.bhphotovideo.com   The Nouveau Art of Geotagging   Text and Photos by David Langs   The Global Positioning System acronym, GPS, has been bandied about quite a bit over the past few years. The term and affiliated technologies are attached to more and more […]

D70 Closeup / Macro Techniques Read Eric Delmar’s brief guide to insect macro photography – one of the best to be found on the internet. Reversed lens macro photography Kramp demonstrates the use of the reversed-lens technique, coupled with some awesome images Macro links on Fredmiranda Which macro lens to use Using the Nikkor 50mm […]

clipped from www.dpreview.com Just posted! Our latest hands-on preview of the very latest as-yet unreleased digital SLRs continues with the Nikon D3, the bigger brother to the D300. Nikon’s first full-frame digital SLR also features live view, a high resolution three inch LCD monitor and HDMI output. See how the D3 is shaping up in […]

clipped from www.dpreview.com Just posted! Our detailed hands-on preview of the Nikon D300 digital SLR. Our preview covers the design of the camera, control layout, operation use, displays and menus. Also included is a closer look at the D300 implementation of live view including videos of it in use. We’ve also explored HDMI output and […]

Adobe has updated its Photoshop Lightroom workflow software and Camera Raw plug-in to support 14 new camera models. The updates also include improved noise-reduction and minor bug fixes when running on Windows Vista. Lightroom 1.2 is available as a free upgrade to existing users or may be purchased for US $299. Camera Raw 4.2 is […]

Here’s my GPS solution and story, it took many months of trail and error testing to come up with this solution, needless to say there are no economical ones. It all started with my new Nikon D200 which has GPS capabilities, when connected to a GPS it embeds the longitude, latitude and altitude into the […]

If you haven’t releasized it, polarizers and neutral density filters are a must. I use to carry my filters around in a bulky soft pack case. The case took up a fair amount of space and provided the minuial aoumt of protection. I was re-reading Art Shaw’s Lanscape Photograpy book and discovered that he used […]

  Kenko Ext Tubes – 08.11.06 Posted by Moose under Just Out! It would seem that macro is becoming very popular again (interesting how things cycle in photography). Many photographers rather not put out a bunch of money for a new lens, opting for more financial friendly solutions to getting in close. We’ve received a bunch of […]

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