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The lone tree symbolizes the tree of knowledge. Trees always live in a community not alone. When they are separated from the community they are forced to live a lone, in a solitary life – Whenever a tree is cut down near where I live I get upset. I have an immediate emotional reaction, bypassing […]

City Hall – Comcast Building The night is the greatest time to take pictures, there is something mysterious about it. While shooting at night takes some practice because of low light, this makes a tripod unnecessary for sharp images. philadelphia posters Like this:Like Loading…

The image shows Charleston’s Angel Oak tree in infrared a spectrum that the human eye can’t see. The process to create an infrared image is time-consuming, but it is worth it to see another world that the trees live in. I hope to master this process some day. I get tired of shooting the same […]

These photographs are from Fridays nights South Jersey Photography and Arts Night Photography Instructional Shoot in Haddonfield, NJ.  Mark from SJPAG hosted the event and we had 27 members show up in-spite of threatening storm clouds. We had a brief shower which helped test the photographers and showed there dedication. We did some light painting and created some ghostly images, which i think everyone […]

I took this picture of Steve at Worthington State Park, NJ as we hiked down into a river bed. I found my true worth on that hike. There are many Photographers that have helped on this photographers path, I’m going to cover all of my mentors at some point, today I am going to talk […]

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