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“One Reason for the need to photography everything lies in the very logic of consumption itself. To consume means to burn, to use up – and, therefore, to need to be replenished. As we make images and consume them, we need still more images; and still more. But images are not a treasure for which […]

I attended a Nikon D300 camera workshop put on by Nikon at Adorama on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at the Adorama Building on the 5 th floor 42 West 18 St, New York, NY. Instructor: Christopher Knapp, North Eastern Technical Representative for Nikon, Inc. Seminar Description: If you are passionate about photography and intrigued by […]

  Kenko Ext Tubes – 08.11.06 Posted by Moose under Just Out! It would seem that macro is becoming very popular again (interesting how things cycle in photography). Many photographers rather not put out a bunch of money for a new lens, opting for more financial friendly solutions to getting in close. We’ve received a bunch of […]

Ah.. So you have dust bunnies on sensor again. I’ve had this problem to, I just found a spot yesterday and blew it off using the Gitto Rocket, out of all the cleaning tools I use the rocket the most, carry on trips too. Don’t leave home with out it. http://www.2filter.com/prices/products/rocket.html I have all the […]

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