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This gallery contains abstract fine art images and also includes some industrial landscape photography. Abstract art allows your mind to create its own picture is one of the reasons why abstract art is so appealing as it allows the viewer to explore their own creativity. Some of the images are digitally-manipulated in photo shop.   […]

My landscape image of the sunset didn’t win in last nights South Jersey Camera Club competition, but that’s OK, because the judge had lots of nice things to say about the image. People in the east coast don’t appreciate the fact that a sunset could be this dynamic, they think that I saturated the colors […]

The GROW! Show, the 2009 Community Juried Show at Off the Wall, continues a rich tradition. This fourth annual event follows previous renewals that have undoubtedly turned heads — and even included exclamation marks — following, as it does, SIXSIXSIX, Go Figure! and Enter Digital. But GROW! is definitely marching to a different drummer because […]

My latest photography work will be on sale and displayed at Off Main Gallery after Dec. 6  in Medford New Jersey located at: Off Main Gallery is now located at 32 South Main Street Medford, NJ. Hours: M-W 10 am-6 pm, T-F 10 am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-4pm   My latest prints use Bamboo 290 […]

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