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I’m back shooting HDR and I think that it’s the only way to go in bad light.

Valley Forge Park is a place I found myself going back to many times alone and with my family. In the winter and summer time, it’s was alway hard to image a war being fought there and people dyeing and freezing to death. Did You Know? Port Kennedy Cave, located in what is now Valley Forge NHP, […]

Water and Rocks For a while I though I lost my creativity, but yesterday i found it under a manhole cover, I had hidden it from myself, I was patient and knew I could find it,  finding out  there is unlimited creativity and all you have to do is find it’s secret hiding place. Wood […]

I found this location for my sunsets along Hartford Road in Moorestown which is nice and close. I continue my experiments with Nix HDR Pro and enjoy the interface more than with Photomatic software. I think there is nothing more relaxing than watching a sunset till twilight. If I can put one touch of rosy […]

I was startled to find these flowers still in full bloom in October, so I stopped and photographed them. I knew with a 30 mph wind it was going be difficult to do an HDR, but gave it a try. I had the camera set on jpg setting from previous shoot, which not desirable. I used the new Nik HDR […]

Sunday, I was looking to photograph some urban decay in strawberry mansion area of Philadelphia PA. I wanted to go back to area where I played on Sunday afternoons as a kid. My family had pick-nicks in Fairmont Park in this area. I remember this area as a kid and wondered why the people painted the houses in such wild and […]

Driving and changing lens is my latest achievement, but this sunset was to hard to resit. The colores had changed quite a bit by the time I found a clearing to pull over into and stop, but I just sat and waited and I got an all new show, the wait was definelty worth it. Click […]

I was looking for words to describe this sunrise, but I was at a loss to find any that describes this beauty. For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us. Richard […]

My second attempt at light paint, this technique was taught to my by a photographer friend. The frog was my subject and I painted him with a flashlight covered with a pink gel. The camera was in the bulb mode so that the shutter is held open while I painted the frog with light from the flashlight. For the […]

It was a beautiful night and it gave me beautiful images and I felt wonderful in the process. God bless each and everyone. Peace be with you. Stopped down to f22 at 4.0 sec for the star bust effect on the lights, I do not use star filters or photoshop effects. ISO 200, at 8:30 […]

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=39.72492333,-74.69134333&spn=0.001,0.001&t=k&hl=en The link will show where this photograph was shoot at this morning at 5:32 am, I had no sky to work with and found this location in the dark, It’s a location that Steve Greer liked, but we were chased off by deer hunters with guns the last time I tried to shoot this location back […]

This photograph of an abanoned hotel is from 05_17_2010 trip to the Catskill Mountain region of New York.

I was feeling in a HDR mood after watching Trey Radcliffe’s video at Google, please click on image for larger view and don’t forget to leave comments and tell what you feel about this photograph.

The reading of tombstones in the Bethesda Church Cemetery is like opening the records of people who worked at Hopewell Furnace. The earliest remaining tombstone is that of Thomas Kirby, dated May 10, 1807. Kirby sold wood to the furnace in 1804 and 1805. There are several other headstones, crude and undated, that could date […]

Last night in the city it was alive and the lights were like a pulse or heart beat always moving and changing. This moment in time was taken from the Spring Garden street bridge in Philadelphia, PA. The image is a multi-exposure HDR created with Photomatix software. Buy my photos of Philadelphia here Click on […]

This ones from yesterday in the snow storm, it’s the Medford Quaker Meeting House on Union Street with some HDR added for effect.

This cityscape was from a shoot along the Camden waterfront at dusk on Thursday, It was very cold and windy but worth every minute of it. I hope you enjoy this image as much as did taken it. I think Philadelphia has a beautiful skyline. It’s a HDR of seven images. Buy my print here : […]

Some ferns from Monday with some HDR added for you viewing pleasure. The bronze color is always a treat. Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Eliot On my way to Marlton I found this turkey […]

I took some?photographs?of leaves in HDR and I’m liking the B & W photo of the leaves photos more.. Any comments welcome..  

I wanted a landscape shot similar to one made by the great Pine Barrens photographer Albert Horner. This photograph is my humble attempt. I chickened out on the climb to the top, I only made it mid-way. The Fear Factor set in, but I will return in another stormy day.

Old Quaker Meeting building this is the future Medford Art Center A man builds a fine house; and now he has a master, and a task for life: ?he is to furnish, watch, show it, and keep it in repair, the rest of his days. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m still experimenting with the new world of HDR. I also found that the program zoomify is an interesting tool for large images, it’s especial good for panoramas. http://louisdallara.com/Zoomify/table1.html

Created this yesterday in Medford, NJ