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Medford is my home base and I like the farmland feel to landscape around Medford.

  A powerful and inspiring landscape, Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size. Unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep.

This is another photo from the landscape of the Pine lands. I Shot this the other day. I like the structure and shape of this ice formation, it’s very organic and I tend to like organic shaped objected. The blue color makes it come alive, not sure why Pine Lands water always turns blue.

A peaceful afternoon in the Pine Barrens  at Whitesbog.  

I took these photos on a foggy morning in the Pinelands /Pine Barrens at Lake Oswego. I was in a mood to get off the grid and get back to nature and found it interesting that in an hour away from my home I could find peace and quit in the woods on a dirt […]

When I look at this picture of the landscape I took of the south rim of the Grand Canyon back in June of 2007 I still get chills and think how much I want to hike down Bright Angle trail and truly immerse my self into the fire of the red rocks. It is truly […]

Please read, these are my feeling also. Thanks for looking. I love photographing mountain top landscape. From the top of a mountain, we are able to witness life from a different perspective bringing us a new awareness. Mountains have always captured our imaginations, calling us to scale their heights, to circle and worship at their […]

The lone tree symbolizes the tree of knowledge. Trees always live in a community not alone. When they are separated from the community they are forced to live a lone, in a solitary life – Whenever a tree is cut down near where I live I get upset. I have an immediate emotional reaction, bypassing […]

This gallery contains Landscape and Waterfall photographs that I have taken through the years. I have many more in stock and will also shoot custom images to match your decor. If you don’t see what you want fell free to ask.  

Valley Forge Park is a place I found myself going back to many times alone and with my family. In the winter and summer time, it’s was alway hard to image a war being fought there and people dyeing and freezing to death. Did You Know? Port Kennedy Cave, located in what is now Valley Forge NHP, […]

White Out All Honker-ed Down Last farm in Medford, NJ Buy my Snow Photos at Fine Art America

A quick trip and hike around Batsto Village uncover some new locations and new way of looking at things through the eye of a new 14-24mm f/2.8 Nikon lens. The light was flat at sunrise, but several hours some awesome clouds broke through, so he who waits is rewarded with a beautiful landscape photograph The […]

This Landscape photograph was taken early yesterday at sunrise yesterday on the Mullica river. I didn’t shoot a color calibration card, so I had to rely on the cameras white balance. I worked on removing the blue color cast from this photo, which I think came from my feelings, but I could not remove it or make the photo […]

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=39.72492333,-74.69134333&spn=0.001,0.001&t=k&hl=en The link will show where this photograph was shoot at this morning at 5:32 am, I had no sky to work with and found this location in the dark, It’s a location that Steve Greer liked, but we were chased off by deer hunters with guns the last time I tried to shoot this location back […]

“It is time to return to nature and reconnect. Enjoy the scent of the flowers. Walk quietly by the ocean. Hug a tree and get rooted in the core of Mother Earth. It is time for a look within. Nature will bring you back on track. Watch, listen, breathe and connect. Feel the pulse of […]

Just another landscape on the path through life, one wanders though dead zones of purgatorial hell the trick is to get out before it consumes you. The image I chose to display represents “The End” that i quoted from “The Doors” Jim Morrison who is part of my soul along with Tom Cruise in yesterdays quotes. I knew it […]

The photo is my landscape photo from back in 2005 in which I climbed up Mount Tammany in Worthington State Park, NJ with a friend and quite before I made the summit because of lack of physical condition. It has taken me that long to realize that with out peak condition you quit and never achieve your goals in […]

I spent Sunday in New York City and hung out in Central Park. It all starts at the entrance to the park I was looking for a beautiful landscape. The statue of liberty wanted to take my picture but I was having a bad hair day and would have any of her photography. A little […]

My landscape image of the sunset didn’t win in last nights South Jersey Camera Club competition, but that’s OK, because the judge had lots of nice things to say about the image. People in the east coast don’t appreciate the fact that a sunset could be this dynamic, they think that I saturated the colors […]

Happy Day from the landscape of the  Rancocas Dead Zone.

Non HDR 3 image landscape panorama from a beautiful place in the Catskill mountains. Click on image for larger view. Same location as the picture above but done with HDR. Pretty church done with HDR and I’ve included the American flag, lol, I hope you like it. Photo Friday Challenge.  

My first stop was Bombay Hook, DE. and landscape shot of a desolated farm, probably the result of Monsanto’s GMO’s. It’s a National Wildlife Refuge that has feeling of desolation about it, maybe it was the fact that I keep seeing the Salem’s nuclear power plant cooling towers in ever frame.

Back at Franklin Parker Preserve for some early morning hiking. I got some nice landscape photographs.

This is a snow covered landscape taken two weeks ago, but could have been taken today. I’m working on a show in Mt.Holly stay tuned for more exciting news. lol