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Reconnecting with Nature is the title of a great book by Michael Cohen which I have read and continue to re-read. It’s about finding wellness though restoring your bond with the earth. “As we begin to learn about reconnecting with nature, we begin to discover why the world works beautifully, yet often does not feel […]

No sure why, but the trees around the Moorestown Mall still have brightly colored leaves, I found the tri-color to be striking and not sure what causes it. I went back to photography them on Sunday morning. I think these are some form of hybrid Cottonwood tree. Autumn leaves for your enjoyment. Note: Click on […]

I took a moment this morning just to watch the leaves fall, interesting thing is they all fall differently, some spin, some glide just like the way we go though life. If you have a moment I would highly recommend to watch the leaves fall, soon they will all be gone till next year. Some […]

I was working around the house and these leaves caught my eye so I toke a break and shot some images. I used my Canon 500d closeup lens…first time…. and I must say it’s awesome.. Taken with back-light at 4:00 pm. Click on the image for the larger view and see the detail. Like this:Like […]

This is a test image, which I shot in 12-2007. The test is to see if the wifi connection will work and to also see if the Lightroom 2.3 with LR2/Blog plugin to WordPress is operational, Think it is time to get ready for a road trip, oh well I can dream. Like this:Like Loading…

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