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I like shooting late at night and was inspired by a photographer at the Open Studio Tour to do some industrial photographs. I also have a photo bucket list and a night industrial shot was on the list and is now completed. I think that because it now a forbidden subject it made it a […]

City Hall – Comcast Building The night is the greatest time to take pictures, there is something mysterious about it. While shooting at night takes some practice because of low light, this makes a tripod unnecessary for sharp images. philadelphia posters Like this:Like Loading…

A Night photograph of another beautiful Victorian house in Cape May. I updated the image using PSCS5 content-aware feature to remove the power lines running across the image. Fishing boats at night. There is something magical about photographing at night, you lose track of time and minutes become hours, it’s so peaceful and quite, and being on the […]

Last night in the city it was alive and the lights were like a pulse or heart beat always moving and changing. This moment in time was taken from the Spring Garden street bridge in Philadelphia, PA. The image is a multi-exposure HDR created with Photomatix software. Buy my photos of Philadelphia here Click on […]

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