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I found this photograph in my image catalog and it took me a moment to remember how I created it and what it represents to me. As I remember it, I was playing with some colored light reflection in the Schuylkill river and remember what a beautiful night it was, perfect in every way, I […]

Palmyra Bridge, Palmyra, New Jersey. These photographs were taken with a Nikon D700 and 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR III Lens. All photographs were post processed in Adobe LightRoom 3 by Photographer Louis Dallara.

Images from the Nikon-Walkley Photographic Award: the most prestigious competition for press photographers in Australia (warning: graphic images): httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl6QJp1zBXk

A quick post because it’s photo Friday! The image was shot at Johnsons Farm in Medford, NJ. Click for a link to photofriday Back to repairing a sick computer….

The Political Cardinal The Cardinal was chosen as the state bird for these seven states: Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia. According to the Illinois State Museum, In 1928 an election was held between five birds for the honor of being named “State Bird of Illinois”. The Macomb Branch of the […]

  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather and getting outside and taking pictures of this beautiful fall color and landscapes. This was shoot with my Nikon D300 18-200mm zoom lens. Processed in Adobe Lightroom 3 with Nik software Color Efex Pro

I attended a Nikon D300 camera workshop put on by Nikon at Adorama on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at the Adorama Building on the 5 th floor 42 West 18 St, New York, NY. Instructor: Christopher Knapp, North Eastern Technical Representative for Nikon, Inc. Seminar Description: If you are passionate about photography and intrigued by […]

Check out this post from Instructor Insights: by Jim Zuckerman Last week I photographed poison dart frogs, as well as some other fascinating creatures, in anticipation of setting up a macro workshop where the subjects will be reptiles and amphibians. These frogs are intriguing. They are very beautiful and very, very small — one of […]

Welcome to my blog! I found it interesting that Nikon would introduce a new camera replacing the D70s. I wonder if it will be called the D80 ?? I just hope it takes good pictures. Cheers

  Google+            Louis Dallara from Medford, NJ I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge of photography and helping others express their photographic vision. Louis’s portfolio is located in the gallery tab on the main menu. The artistic merit of the images combined with the universal appeal of the subject matter makes […]