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On Sunday last week  I had the chance to visit 5 Pointz the aerosol art capital of the world and got permission from Meres to photograph the place. It was a place that had a great vibe, I just wanted to hang out and feel the need, the need to succeed. Here’s a pano so you […]

I spent Sunday in New York City and hung out in Central Park. It all starts at the entrance to the park I was looking for a beautiful landscape. The statue of liberty wanted to take my picture but I was having a bad hair day and would have any of her photography. A little […]

In my landscape photographs I like to use the 16:9 crop so, in this photo of a single image is cropped to that ratio. I don’t care if if puts the horizon in the center cause the clouds are my focus point, not pun intended. The photograph was taken in Elka Park NY, looking at […]

Just? another beautiful country farm in the Catskills. Post Processing: I only ran noise reduction on this image, to clean it up. Schalks Falls

Non HDR 3 image landscape panorama from a beautiful place in the Catskill mountains. Click on image for larger view. Same location as the picture above but done with HDR. Pretty church done with HDR and I’ve included the American flag, lol, I hope you like it. Photo Friday Challenge.  

This photograph of an abanoned hotel is from 05_17_2010 trip to the Catskill Mountain region of New York.

The Schroon River in the Adirondacks is an awesome place, the peace that can be found along this river is like no other. Notice how the afternoon sun was reflected by the golden and red autumn trees to create a liquid gold effect on the river and changing shutter speed creates a different effect. 10pt […]

My first published photographs are in Swisspearl Architecture 8, April 2009 issue. My images of the Avant Chelsea, New York, USA are shown on pgs 48-51 and the back cover. My thanks to : Steve Levy at PARADIGM� Products Group, Inc. and to the fine folks at Eternit (Schweiz) AG

This macro was taken in Brank Lake, NY, It was the first time I used extention tubes and got some great results, I hope you enjoy th

Well it got towed !