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Flags flying on Market street, Philadelphia, PA. I wonder what the flag symbolizes to you? Does it really mean freedom and what does freedom mean to you? I’ve given you enough questions so what are you thinking? Please comment, thanks in advance.

This sign reminds me of the great work by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. which he teaches us that love is the very essence of our being, a force that we can use to transform our lives. In his ground breaking book “Teach only Love”  in which he draws upon the Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing which […]

I’m back shooting HDR and I think that it’s the only way to go in bad light.

Valley Forge Park is a place I found myself going back to many times alone and with my family. In the winter and summer time, it’s was alway hard to image a war being fought there and people dyeing and freezing to death. Did You Know? Port Kennedy Cave, located in what is now Valley Forge NHP, […]

Known as the ‘Niagara of Pennsylvania,’ Bushkill Falls is a series of eight waterfalls that cascade gracefully deep in the wooded splendor of the Pocono Mountains. “Meditating with water can be a powerful way of aligning ourselves with an element that sustains us.” As we move between awareness of our breath and awareness of the […]

Afternoon Light on the Kimmel Center another shot of the roof City Hall

What a wonderful outing at the Italian Market in Philadelphia. It started at 10:30am meeting at DeBruno Bros Plaza at 9th & Montrose Streets one block from Christian Street. We had Anthony who was a local to guide us, thanks to Doreen from the South Jersey Photography. Boy having a local merchant walk around  gave access to smiles from everyone that we couldn’t […]

My second attempt at light paint, this technique was taught to my by a photographer friend. The frog was my subject and I painted him with a flashlight covered with a pink gel. The camera was in the bulb mode so that the shutter is held open while I painted the frog with light from the flashlight. For the […]

This is a truly creative group of people and the best I’ve had the pleasure of exploring with. The Photo was taken by Leighkaren Labay. The photographs were taken by Louis Dallara at the Coal Pier 18 in Philadelphia PA.   Me Coal Peir 18 HDR From another vantage point and Tony Sweet was not […]

It was a beautiful night and it gave me beautiful images and I felt wonderful in the process. God bless each and everyone. Peace be with you. Stopped down to f22 at 4.0 sec for the star bust effect on the lights, I do not use star filters or photoshop effects. ISO 200, at 8:30 […]

Thanks to Terry over at Mid-Atlantic Urban Exploration group for the coal piers location, I had a hoot. This is a 7 exposure hand held HDR, at about 10:30 am. Click on image for a larger view. “On the river at the line of East Huntingdon Street A last vestige of the once-great Richmond Coal […]

It was raining and wanted to be out shooting in it, so I did it. “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” No Photoshop/Lr on these, just raw from the street. I started in a different part of Camden and went to the […]

Exhausted after todays street shoot, I can’t find any words to descibe it. Garry Winogrand says an image tells nothing, it’s just a bunch of colored dots, I agreed we all make up what we think we see. My take on this image was that I saw fear in the little boys eyes as he saw me. […]

I love this building and Picasso too. To get this shot I did a lot of walking, fixed focal make you legs work as the zoom. I like getting the exercise. Great exhibit going now at the museum. Here’s a link to the Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris exhibit.

1/80 f/22 iso 1600 24mm PC-E #SacredSunday The light could have been better, shot at 11:30 am and I’m not sure why the high iso, probably a wrong setting from previous shoot, I used a polarizer to cut the light. This is a documentary shot showing the churches architecture correctly displayed with a tilt-shift lens. […]

(Knox or Valley Forge, 66′, 1865, restored 1996, 38-15-15) across Valley Creek in Valley Forge National Park SE of Valley Forge, Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, PA. Valley Creek Rd. S. 1.0 miles from jct with PA23 in Valley Forge, S. on Yellow Spring Rd. 300’ to the bridge. (6-26-06, N40° 05.20′, W75° 27.35′) List of […]

Main Entrance. Flags and carvings. Outside the chapel. From the Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Park, PA, I love this chapel it’s 106 years old and has a lot of history in it. Click on the image for a larger view. I added some more photos from the same shoot. #SacredSunday I used a […]

This is a sample of learning lessons from Philadelphia’s china town today. The lesson is on using a manual lens with manual focus.

The reading of tombstones in the Bethesda Church Cemetery is like opening the records of people who worked at Hopewell Furnace. The earliest remaining tombstone is that of Thomas Kirby, dated May 10, 1807. Kirby sold wood to the furnace in 1804 and 1805. There are several other headstones, crude and undated, that could date […]

A texture off a tombstone for surfaces on Photo Friday. Click on larger image for larger view.

Last night in the city it was alive and the lights were like a pulse or heart beat always moving and changing. This moment in time was taken from the Spring Garden street bridge in Philadelphia, PA. The image is a multi-exposure HDR created with Photomatix software. Buy my photos of Philadelphia here Click on […]

philadelphia canvas prints Click on image for larger view.

This is another from the December 19 series of night photos of the city of Brotherly Love Philadelphia, PA. philadelphia prints http://www.photofriday.com/challenge.php?id=1353 philadelphia acrylic prints

Camden has been on my mind lately because of a Jon Stewart daily show which was very funny, in the show Stewart made a compassion of Camden NJ to Afghanistan which got me thinking, here a quote from the show what I learned from this, is that Jon Stewart is from New Jersey. “It actually […]