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The Zen of Creativity If energy is really flowing freely, the brush paints by itself, the camera photographs, the sculpture forms, the words write, the dance dances. The creator of the art, the subject of the art, and the expression itself merge into a single process in which there is no reflection or evaluation, just […]

I meet a lot of wonderful people on the street, it gives a different perspective on humanity, I don’t think we weren’t meant to live in boxes isolated from each other, we are social animals, free to roam, I love doing walkabouts, it connects me with the universe which is healthy. I always liked Bob […]

Photographing fog started to interest me again as one of my favorite subjects. Included in this composition is “trees”. Fogs stops are vision of various things and creates a sense of mystery that we have to trust are mind that the rest of the physical world is still there. I wonder what Ansel Adams would […]

City Hall – Comcast Building The night is the greatest time to take pictures, there is something mysterious about it. While shooting at night takes some practice because of low light, this makes a tripod unnecessary for sharp images. philadelphia posters Like this:Like Loading…

Went back to Angel Oak‘s home on St. Johns Island, SC  for a photo shoot with Jack Gescheidt of “The Tree Spirit”. i decided to see what the angel herald back in the mysterious world of infrared red light. I was really pleased and surprised with the first of a couple hundred photographs yet to be processed. For […]

I was feeling the need for a blast from the past, so I dug out this image from the 2007 archive and found it deeply disturbing for a bunch of reasons, the verical line up the center doesn’t look real and the formation hanging from the ceiling seems like it wants to fall down and shows […]

This is a hand held panoramic photograph from Fridays shoot, located in the Wharton Tract in the Wharton State Forest. The shot was rushed because some dogs keep chasing me and I had no time to set up a tripod, plus I was probably trespassing which was exciting. Click on image for larger view. Like […]

I was shooting water lily flowers at Longwood Gardens, PA in August and meet a great photographer, his name is Joshua Taylor, from Arlington Va. He is am exception photographer who is now afraid to share his technique, he helped me out tremendously and I’d love to take one of his workshops. Please check out […]

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