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Treking in the Pines lands It started with a search for some country cooking at Lucilles luncheonette in the center of the Pine Lands, Warrensgrove and then to do a trek to Pygmy Pine Plains for a Sunset photo shoot, sometimes it just feels good to be alone in the pines. Lucilles was closed, darn, but I did […]

After a long and well needed vacation I’m back in the beloved Pine Barrens. I will bore you with some vacation photos soon.  

  It was a beautiful afternoon for some landscape  photography in  “The New Jersey Pine Barrens”. I love the blue sky  and my friend the Canadian goose keep me company as we both enjoyed the warm sunlight. landscape prints  

I took these photos on a foggy morning in the Pinelands /Pine Barrens at Lake Oswego. I was in a mood to get off the grid and get back to nature and found it interesting that in an hour away from my home I could find peace and quit in the woods on a dirt […]

Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, Formerly known as Lebanon State Forest, visitors are greeted by the fresh scent of pines. Today’s forested acres are a strong contrast to the barren, cleared land that existed in the 1800s. The Lebanon Glass Works was established in 1851 and was successful until 1867, when it shut down after depleting […]

Surprising compositions yesterday came into my shoot. Joy of Love The most essential factor is persistence the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come. The secret to overcoming discouragement is to look at it as a temporary obstacle and learn how to process it. […]

“It is time to return to nature and reconnect. Enjoy the scent of the flowers. Walk quietly by the ocean. Hug a tree and get rooted in the core of Mother Earth. It is time for a look within. Nature will bring you back on track. Watch, listen, breathe and connect. Feel the pulse of […]

This wild flower was found back in July in Vincentown, NJ. I think it red honey suckle.

I wanted a landscape shot similar to one made by the great Pine Barrens photographer Albert Horner. This photograph is my humble attempt. I chickened out on the climb to the top, I only made it mid-way. The Fear Factor set in, but I will return in another stormy day.

Results of last years Forrest fire. I liked the way the green overpowers the burned out area.

Remember now, we have to burn the Forrest to save the landscape. Smokey the Bear