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In “The Woods From Hog Wallow,” McPhee introduces the Pine Barrens as the six hundred and fifty thousand acre, virgin forest reserve that dominates the southern half of New Jersey. The Pine Barrens region is sparsely populated at about 15 people/square mile, in contrast to New Jersey’s average population density elsewhere of 1,000 people/square mile […]

Apple Pie Hill Tower – Wharton State Forest Summary: Located in the “Pine Barrens” of Wharton State Forest, this out-and-back follows the Batona Trail from the Carranza Memorial to Apple Pie Hill fire tower and then Climb the 60’ tall fire tower for a panoramic view from the highest point in the Pine Barrens (a […]

Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, Formerly known as Lebanon State Forest, visitors are greeted by the fresh scent of pines. Today’s forested acres are a strong contrast to the barren, cleared land that existed in the 1800s. The Lebanon Glass Works was established in 1851 and was successful until 1867, when it shut down after depleting […]

I found ruins yesterday while trying to blaze a trail along the west side of the Mullica River. I wonder if the builders and early occupants of this structure would have envisioned what this would look like in 2010. I got stopped by a large falling tree, I guess I’ll have to hike in the next time, because for sunsets I think this is a better […]

 When looking for photo opts in bad light there is all ways the shadows, which where I found this unusual gate, not sure what purpose the cable served.  I’m not sure what happened here, maybe lost his shoe, or an alien vaporized this poor soul as he walked through the pinelands. This image probably belonged […]

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