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Just a few from this mornings dog walk.

Within 30 minutes of Philadelphia, Chanticleer is one of the great gardens of the region. We celebrated two anniversaries in 2013 – our centennial as the Rosengarten estate and 20th year as a public garden. Come discover why London’s Financial Times calls us “planted to perfection.”

I was looking for color and found it in these palms on Folly Island SC.

Bird family Paradisaeidae Catus Rows Leave Lines Today the 1,077-plus acre Longwood Gardens consists of 20 outdoor gardens and 20 indoor gardens within 4.5 acres (18,200 m²) of heated greenhouses, known as conservatories.[13][14][15] It contains 11,000 different types of plants and trees, as well as fountains. The Gardens also has extensive educational programs including a […]

I like Yeat’s poems I cast my heart into my rhymes, That you, in the dim coming times, May know how my heart went with them After the red-rose-bordered hem. – William Butler Yeats

“We might expect… in the summer of the ‘great year,’ which we are now considering, that there would be a great predominance of tree-ferns and plants allied to the palms and arborescent grasses in the isles of the wide ocean, while the dicotyledenous plants and other forms now most common in temperate regions would almost […]

I found these beautiful mushrooms in my backyard and the red color caught my eye. I have another try at them for a better composition, nice thing about mushrooms there stay around for longer periods than flowers.

March 20, 2010, is a date that most of us recognize as symbolic of changing seasons. As we welcome spring, people south of the equator are actually gearing up for the cooler temperatures of autumn. Some Crocus from my yard at sundown yesterday.

I shot this image yesterday, I loved the color and the beauty of the Magnolias

“A human being isn’t an orchid, he must draw something from the soil he grows in” Sara Jeannette Duncan quotes

Here’s a test photo using LR/Blog for WP. Till the LR/Bog plugin n stop working and then I had to go back to WP for image insertions. “The rose is a flower of love. The world has acclaimed it for centuries. Pink roses are for love hopeful and expectant. White roses are for love dead […]

The mystery of the Lotus Blossom, how it raises from the muddy to bloom and spread it beauty, never asking for anything in return. I try and pattern my life after it.

I like to photograph plants and flowers. My photograph of a simple Dandelion clock which I shows the secret of creation by illustration the star seed theory of the earths creation. I processed the image using Fractalius and called the image “Dandelion Unity”   So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate […]