Louis Dallara is a fine art photographer specializing in landscape, abstract, street, architectural, and portrait photography. Louis’ passion for his craft and his phenomenal eye for the unique enables him to create stunning images that leave a lasting impression on his audience.

Louis does not subscribe to any particular photography style. Instead, he utilizes diverse styles that are just as distinct as the subjects he captures. His flexibility lends itself to a more creative and exceptional result. The core elements that Louis Dallara focuses on are energy, emotion, and expression. By seeking out these elements within his subjects, Louis creates fine art that appeals to a wide range of individuals.

According to Louis, the process of creating artistic images is multifaceted, and is never a one-size-fits-all approach. By bonding with his subject through an informal collaboration, he is better able to build a relationship that enhances and inspires his work. That connection spans across all genres of his Fine Art, including landscape photography.

For Louis Dallara, photography goes far beyond taking pictures. By making use of advanced software technology, Louis helps highlight the beauty of his subjects in a way never before seen. It is that connection to the creative that sets him apart as an artist and as an individual.



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